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cute sims

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They say one of the village men was out in the woods and he got lost, but a little light gave him hope. Light in front of the legendary swordsman’s house.


Faraway, faraway 
The shadow of past days 
Looks for the light.


Following the railway.

I love your sims Sam/Strawberrie! I have downloaded Angie (SO CUTE) and Tenchi (AWWW) and they have just had a baby together! I was wondering what Tenchi's last name is because in game he is called 'made by sam' or something like that. I wanted to post pictures of them and their new family but I am not sure what their last name should be :) I will tag them so you can see them on my Simblr.. Have a lovely day!!!

Oh wow thanks for liking my simblr and using my sims…cant wait to see the babies…you can call him whatever you want..^.^